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Why you need a auto or motorbike insurance?

In Thailand, a minimal cover is required to legally drive a car or a motorbike, these are called CTPL(Compulsory Third Party Liability). The law does not require that you acquire car insurance to cover all damages to your car or motorbike, however if you have a newer vehicle, you’ll want to protect your investment and consider purchasing Comprehensive coverage.



Also among the foreigners living here the motorbike is a widely used mean of transportation. Handy, manoeuvrable and in the city often much faster than a car.
No matter how good you drive yourself, you do have more chance to be involved in an accident in Thailand. And if that happens, it is a comfortable feeling that 1 phone call is enough to count on the service and back-up of a professional insurance company that will act immediately but also takes care for a quick and efficient claim handling. We prefer to work with companies that provide all material and back-up in English.


Which motorinsurance best suits your situation, offcoure, depens on many variants like age and value of the motorbike, but also how good you like to be insured.