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Why Locadi

Express delivery to Our Destination 3-5 days
Pick up service
The cheapest transportation price from Thailand.
We provide cross-border logistic services for commercial and individual purposes. We connect you to logistic firms such as UPS, DHL, Aramex and FedEx. We also offers the connecting route to international Marketplace for online merchants.

We will make it easier for you to be able to access your international shipping services with leading Logistic companies. And especially if you are an online entrepreneur The products will be delivered to the customers’ destination in time. By connecting with the leading Marketplace from u

To Australien Express 3-5 Business day

5kg – ฿3000

10kg – ฿4500

15kg – ฿5600


Make a request for the best price when our prices change every day



Come to see prohibited items. Caution. Which products can not be delivered.

  1. Materials and equipment similar to violence-related products, such as toy guns, water guns, BB guns, etc.
  2. Fresh food products that require temperature control
  3. Alcoholic products And packed in compressed gas packaging, such as aerosol cans, may explode


Remember that Shipping from Thailand to foreign countries will not pay tax. But when our goods reach the destination country If exceeding the criteria set by each country You have to pay tax according to the law