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Make your Life better
Become Self Employed with us

  • Get more money over each month
  • Invoice without own company.
  • Become self employed and focus on your work
  • Avoid all the hassle of opening your own company.
  • First and foremost for you who work abroad or work periodically in home country


With us you get:

  • Bank account in Bangkok Bank
  • Mastercard Debit Card Bank
  • App so you can pay bill and send money a
  • ccident Insurance
  • Possibility to Rent / Buy Housing
  • Help with Thai Driving License
  • Transfer Airport / Residential /Hotel
  • Hotel Booking
  • Booking flights
  • Booking of activities
  • Saving Money

Send an inquiry to us and we will get back to you directly and go through your numbers.
You have a Gross salary of 45,000 and Net (What you get at your Bank) 32,000 Your employer pays around 15,000 in social security contributions. With us, we invoice 50,000 / half the social security fee, so your client earns 7,500 on our services) Our 10% fee gives you 45,000 in your bank account, ie 13,000 more each month.