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thai-visa-runTHAI VISA

We can help with retirement visas, marriage visas, 90 day reporting and overstay problems. We can give advice on all types of long stay Thai visas and any other visa related issues for foreigners in Thailand. from 13 October is possible to have 6 month Tourist visa we can help you with that.

How to get a Thai Residence Certificate

There are some procedures in Thailand such as obtaining a Thai driving licence which require you to present a residence certificate to prove your address.

There are two ways in which you can obtain this certificate, one is at your embassy and one is at your local immigration office. It is usually more convenient to use your local immigration office.

  • Retirement Visa 15 month

    Many people who come to stay in Thailand are 50 years of age or over and have a regular passive income so this visa is understandably quite popular. A retirement visa is perfect not only for retired people, but anyone who both qualifies and wishes to stay in Thailand for a long period of time as this visa can be renewed yearly. If you have problem to show up you income or money we can always help you with the documents.

  • Retirement Visa - Yearly Renew 12 month

  • Non Immigrant B VISA - 3 month

  • Non Immigrant B VISA - Yearly Renew

  • Work Permit - First Year

  • Work Permit - Year 2 and next

  • Marriage Visa

    The Thai Marriage Visa is one of the most common, and yet highly misunderstood, visas. It is also probably the most difficult to obtain in Thailand aside from the notoriously complex business visa. A marriage visa is normally sought by foreigners under the age of 50 years old, as before that age they cannot apply for their easier to obtain

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  • Non Immigrant ED VISA - 3 month

    We help you with school and all papper you need for this Visa, we take care everything. Every 90 days you need to make a report to immigration.

  • Non Immigrant ED VISA - 90 days report

    We help you with the report and all document.